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Directed by 

Hana Miller
Jacob Perkins
Misma Andrews


Jacob Perkins


Director of Photography
Misma Andrews


Jacob Perkins


Art Director
Greta Menzies


Art Department
Aaron Davison
Lauren Stewart
Michelle McKeating
Jay "The Horse Maker"
George Miller
Cynthia Merhej
Jimmy Sutcliffe


Camera Assist
Marc McCarthy
Michael Cardiello


Make-Up Artist
Courtenay Taylor


Earl Ho - Earl Ho
Sam Norton - Mermaid
Emily Stroombergen - Anemone 1
Brad Smith - Anemone 2
Advaita Shetty - Anemone 3
Jacob Perkins - Horse Druid
Dane McMillan - Deer Druid
Michael Cardiello - Tall Druid
Hokey Pokey the Pony - Hokey Pokey the Pony
Luke Concanon - Legs


Many Thanks
Vanessa Rushton
Nathan Mitchell
Kirsty Bunny
James Macdonald
Quentin Chan
GIles McNeil
Maz Hermon
Sally Ogle
Conrad Coom
Toi Poneke Art Centre
Ngati Karewa--Tahinga Trust
The good people of Port Waikato



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