“Why are balloons so floaty? Where did the sea come from? How did the universe get made?” Each episode of RiDDLE + SQUiZZ is based on a question sent in by a child aged 2-6 years old. Following the boundless imaginative style of children’s curious thinking, viewers join a thought-provoking and playful sequence of audiovisual explorations made up of illustrated animations, stop motion, and live action video, each set to individual custom made theme songs and all created by award winning internationally acclaimed artists. User generated content wraps up the end of each episode, where art work, photos and home videos sent in by viewers bring us full circle to an invitation for additional submissions and participation in the show.


Originally commissioned by TVNZ and NZ on Air for HEIHEI, New Zealand’s latest online platform for kids, RiDDLE + SQUiZZ episodes are uniquely adaptable to beable to reflect the voices, faces and contexts of it’s local viewers.

Episode 11 - Where did the sea come from?

Episode 12 - Why does glass break even though it's strong?

Episode 9 - How do trucks' wheels go?