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RiDDLE + SQUiZZ DIY is a video craft series designed for children. Comprising 10, 4 minute long episodes, the series encourages hands-on exploration through various do-it-yourself projects.

Hosted on the RiDDLE + SQUiZZ website, the series provides step-by-step instructions and inspiration for young viewers to engage in exciting crafts. From simple art projects to pure imagination creations, RiDDLE + SQUiZZ DIY aims to spark ideas in children and foster their love for making. Its focus on hands-on activities and creative expression aligns with the overall vision of RiDDLE + SQUiZZ. By encouraging children to embrace their creativity and explore the world of DIY crafts, RiDDLE + SQUiZZ DIY offers an interactive and educational experience for young audiences.

Our team utilised experience in:


  • Production

  • Direction

  • Post production

  • Web series

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