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 Kanel is a hair accessories brand hailing from Denmark and is synonymous with style, originality and quality. With a focus on craftsmanship and distinction, Kanel has created a collection of exquisite hair accessories that elevate any look.

Our objective was to capture the essence of their brand values and show the intricate designs of their products through visually stimulating content. We created a series of stop-motion animations for social media that featured Kanel's products. With precision and artful animation, we brought these clips to life and through our collaboration with Kanel, aimed to convey the brand's commitment to quality and beauty. The stop-motion clips served as a medium to showcase the versatility and style that Kanel's products bring to any wardrobe.

Our team utilised experience in:


  • Production

  • Motion

  • Stop-motion animation

  • Post production

  • Social media assets 

  • Animation

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