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QWERTY, sequel to the award-winning performance piece BODY OF WORK, is created in collaboration between RDYSTDY, choreographer Atlanta Eke, and composer Daniel Jenatsch. Building upon the success of their previous work, QWERTY delves even deeper into the exploration of live video, projection, and immersive elements.

The production takes the audience on a journey that blurs the boundaries between movement, technology, and the human form. With the use of semi-transparent large-scale screens, multiple cameras, and meticulously designed video elements, QWERTY pushes the limits of live performance, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the experience.


Supported by Chunky Move, Warrnambool Art Gallery (WAG), Geelong Performing Arts Centre: Creative Engine, and Creative New Zealand, QWERTY has garnered acclaim for its seamless integration of various artistic disciplines. The performance has graced prestigious stages, including Tempo Festival (NZ) in 2022 and the Frame Biennale (AU) in 2023.

Our team utilised experience in:


  • Video art production

  • Creative art

  • Projection

  • Multimedia

  • Live feed video

  • Dramaturgy

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