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Made in with Melbourne choreographer Atlanta Eke and TINA (there is no algorithm), INNOCENCE is a collaboration with Romantic poet, William Blake and his key work Songs of Innocence.  The work premiered in 2024 in the great hall of the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV).

Like Blake sought to do, INNOCENCE engages with social critique, through questions of adulthood morality and institutional structures.  Like Blake’s work, it is subversive, critical and radical, delving into how choreography might examine the ways that Songs of Innocence retains its radicality in the context of a museum collection.

Projected across 4 large format scrims and edited live, in performance, Innocence premiered in March 2024 at the NGV great hall.

Our team utilised experience in:


  • Production

  • Projection Design

  • Multimedia

  • Digital animation

  • Live projection operation

  • Art handling

  • Product design

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