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GENETRIX is a multimedia dance project with, Victoria Chiu, Jozsef Trefeli, Rudi Van der Merwe, and Susana Panades Diaz. This work combines realms of multimedia, dance, and immersive cinema to deliver a unique anthology of solo performances.

Our approach lies in the integration of projection elements, animation, and mapping techniques. These visual components serve as the immersive backdrop for the performances, transporting audiences to a world where movement and technology meet. 

The collaboration between choreographers, dancers, and visual artists results in an exploration of the human form in relation to its digital environment and sets the foundation for the story being told by the artists.

Our team utilised experience in:


  • Video art production

  • Creative art

  • Projection

  • Multimedia

  • Post production

  • Immersive projection

  • Dramaturgy

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