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AS IS, a collaboration with renowned New Zealand artist/jeweller Lisa Walker, was a multi-channel moving image installation developed during a residency at Wellington's esteemed 30upstairs gallery. Supported by Creative New Zealand, this project invites viewers to consider the space between the abstract feeling of perceiving an object and the tangible experience of interacting with it.

Our collaboration with Lisa Walker blends the worlds of contemporary art and jewellery, pushing the boundaries of traditional mediums. Within the installation, the moving images act as a dynamic backdrop, enhancing the intricate and innovative designs of Lisa Walker's jewellery. The marriage of moving images and wearable art creates a dialogue, encouraging people to contemplate the intersections between adornment, identity, and visual storytelling.

Our team utilised experience in:


  • Production

  • Multimedia

  • Post production

  • Installation

  • Digital art design

  • Stop motion animation

  • Video art production

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